Celebrity Endorsements
Anand Arnold - "Mr. India"
Eugene Berezinski, Mr. Australia 1987
Pat Boone
Eric Broser
Jacquline Renee' Bullock
Trevor Coppola
Jeffrey D. Dalrymple
Timothy Dance
David Diggs
Donna Douglas
Timothy Skyler Dunigan
Smiley Elmore, Ph.D.
Rev. Larry Ferguson
Rhonda Fleming
Edouard "Papa Spyk" Gheur
Grant Henderson
Jason Scott Jenkins
Chip Mayer
Michael Mednick
Tammy Faye Messner
Myreah Mia Moore
J.P. Olson
Patricia Pease
Austin Peck
Chaka Phillips
Richard Pryor, Jr.
Buck Rambo
Dack Rambo
Russ & Tori Taff
Reggie Vinson
Ming Wang, MD, PhD
Doug Wead
Steven S. Williams
Ministry Recommendations
Pastor Bill Borieo
Jeremy Cain
Pastor David Edmondson
Bishop Gary Clowers
Rev. John DeWitt
Pastor David Flores
Rev. Michael Flowers (LOVM)
Brad Fontaine
Bobbie Jo Hamilton
Mark Hankins
Dr. Norvel Hayes
Pastor Zona Hayes-Morrow
Pat Hayes Hightower
Pastor Sam Hinn
B.D. Hyman
Mickey Jordan
Tom Kitchene
Mary L. Laird (TBN)
Rick Lloyd (TBN)
Justin Looper
Dr. Jeremy Lopez
Joe McCroskey (JSMI)
Len Mink
Bishop Krish P. Naidoo
Rev. Dr. Keyvan Neal
Jesse O'Dell
Pastor Jordan Orick
Pastor Marion Pope (WCCI)
Pastor John Pursell
Robert Ricciardelli
Tom Rich
Jerry K. Rose
Dr. Jerry Savelle (JSMI)
James Shelton (FGBMFI)
Stephen Sumrall (LeSEA)
Dr. Stephen & Kellie Swisher (KCM)
Jason Tanksley
Lynn Royce Taylor
LaVerne Tripp
Terry Tripp
Dr. Donald R. Ver Hulst M.D.
Craig Wolf

Personal References
Kenneth Denison
Rosemary K. France
Jeanna Luna (Re: Dack Rambo)
Wanda Parrott
Frank & Bernice Parton
Rev. Mike Phillips
Delbert & JoAnna Pierce
Deon Saddler

Hanno & Mildred Schrader
Janet Storie
Laurie Jacobs Waller
Robin Watson
Celebrity Endorsements

"Ronnie Pierce is a great friend who has been very supportive of me in prayer, encouragement, friendship, brotherhood, and in the release of my new autobiography, Weightless, a true story of courage and determination.

I especially want to thank Ronnie for recommending my book so highly as a must-read for anyone and everyone! I know and Ronnie knows that it is God who has made all of my successes possible. It is my hearts desire that every reader will be blessed with the faith, inspiration, and courage to rise up and overcome those obstacles through the power of God as I have.

Thank you, Ronnie, for your prayers and support for me! I am grateful!"


Anand Arnold - "Mr. India"
To order your copy of Weightless by Anand Arnold and Allen Woodman:

"Ronnie Pierce is my friend ... for life! It's been said that "a friend in need, is a friend indeed!", and Ronnie is that friend to me and countless others around the world. I'm grateful for his constant, consistent support of me and my career, and for his undying loyalty in our friendship It is my distinct privilege to recommend him to you.

the 'youngest ever NABBA Mr Australia loves and endorses you..Eug!'"

Eugene Berezinski, Mr. Australia 1987
Varsity Lakes, Queensland, Australia

"I'm for anybody who's for Jesus. And Ronnie Pierce is definitely for Jesus!"

Pat Boone
Singer/Movie Star

"In this world it is the force of "love" that is the creator of all that is good, positive and precious. Things such as friendship, laughter, appreciation, gratitude, honesty, loyalty, altruism, healing, abundance and health are all manifested through this singular, most powerful force.

My good friend, Ronnie Pierce, is a man that is FULL of love. It penetrates his heart and overflows his cells. His love is deep, true, and selfless. His actions are filled with good and loving intentions. His words are draped in inspiration, motivation, caring and passion.

There are angels that walk the Earth in human form that are meant to elevate others when they are down...to spread joy where there is sadness...to teach where there is ignorance...and to love without question.

Ronnie Pierce is one of them. Others have felt his "light," and so have I."

Eric Broser
- Drug Free for Life Pro Bodybuilder
- Magazine Columnist
- Author
- Fitness Model
- Trainer and Contest Prep Coach
- Pioneer of the PRRS and FDFS Training Systems

"Good afternoon Ronnie.

I want to thank you so much for being a friend to me. The love that you show my family, the support is really greatly appreciated. You even took the time to send me spiritual reading material and literature.. You are a very special person. Continue to be a blessing to others."

Jacquline Renee' Bullock
(Niece of Rock & Roll Legend, Tina Turner)

"Dr. Ronnie Pierce is an amazing person. He's so caring, sensitive and selfless. He has really helped me make some amazing progress in my life. It's like a whole new world has opened for me. He is so nonjudgmental and loving. I have not gotten this kind of support from anyone else. I give him 5 stars."

Trevor Coppola
Actor, Singer, Musician

"Brother Ronnie Pierce is truly a man of God. His heart is filled with God's love! Long before I knew Ronnie, I had seen his photo many, many times, at Donna "Elly May" Douglas's home office. Donna had a photo of herself & Ronnie hanging in her office along with a few other photos of friends & fans that were near & dear to her heart. After getting to know Ronnie, I saw why Donna found him to be a dear friend! They don't come any kinder & loving than Ronnie!!"

Jeffrey D. Dalrymple
Personal Assistant to Donna Douglas
aka "Elly May Clampett"

"It is a blessing to recommend the spiritual counseling services of my friend Dr. Ronnie Pierce. As a Pastor, it is quite a challenge to meet the needs of the people attending worship and yet still carve out time to counsel and support men and women as the need arises worldwide. I am truly blessed to call Ronnie a mentor, friend, and brother through Christ. His love and support throughout my journey in Hollywood will never be forgotten."

Timothy Dance
Actor/Model at SAG-AFTRA
Hollywood, California

"Having only met Ronnie via Facebook and conversation, I was frankly surprised with the quality of his CDs. It's not often you find an accomplished minister who also is a fantastic musical artist! Ronnie's music is great - wonderful songs, arrangements, impeccable vocal performances, and blessed by the Spirit!"

David Diggs
Los Angeles, CA
Pat Boone Enterprises & Indiggnant Music, JVC, Polydor KK
Top Ten Billboard jazz artist, Arranger, Producer, Film Composer
who worked with Bros. Johnson, Jonathan Butler, Pat Boone,
Debby Boone, Richie Furay, Quincy Jones, Barry McGuire
appeared in music videos, TV, and hand modeling
http://daviddiggs.com/composer-producer-arranger/- Author

"Ronnie Pierce is a christian, a very loving human being and minister. His compassion, love, and caring-for-others shows his sincere desire to please the Lord and draw others to Him, --- to really make a difference, that others would see and feel the love of Christ in him."

Donna Douglas
Actress/Movie Star

"I've known Mr. Ronnie Pierce for a few years now. He is a true friend and those are hard to find. He is such a kind hearted soul. I think a lot of Mr. Pierce. I've asked him to pray for me several times and even though I have great faith I feel that he has helped me more. I also know that what he and I talk about remains between us."

Timothy Skyler Dunigan

"To Whom It May Concern:

It is my distinct privilege to write this Reference Letter for Dr. Ronnie Pierce.

As an Ordained Minister with an earned Ph.D., a Professional Natural Bodybuilder and a Fitness Coach for the past 22 years, I've worked with many outstanding individuals; and my friend and brother, Dr. Ronnie Pierce, tops that list.

Dr. Pierce is very kind and caring. He possesses a heart of gold like Christ, as he's willing to help others whenever and however he can. Brother Pierce is very passionate. He tearfully shares about helping others come to know Jesus Christ. In his ministry, thousands have become Christians, as well as, grown in maturity.

Dr. Pierce is very inspiring. With all of his accomplishments and responsibilities, he still finds time to pursue his passion of running hard after God, and encouraging others like myself to do the same. It is because of Dr. Pierce's passion for God that he's able to effectively love & motivate others to God's best for their lives.

It is for these reasons that I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ronnie Pierce. Thank you and God bless!"

Smiley Elmore, Ph.D.
Professional Bodybuilder, Fitness Coach

"Ronnie Pierce is not only my mentor, my brother, and my friend; he's an anointed man of God. His faith and optimism can bring the healing power of Jesus into any room he enters. Nothing pleases him more than to minister to others and to help other ministries. If we all had his sweet spirit, determination, and drive, we'd see the nation won for Christ.

I was ordained through his ministry at the church he pastors, The Monterey Worship Center. I couldn't be more humbled before God and before Ronnie that he would choose to encourage me, extending the hand of fellowship through some of the darkest valleys I was in the midst of. I treasure knowing this man of God!"

Rev. Larry Ferguson
aka "Mr. Nashville"
Manager and Personal Assistant to Dottie Rambo

"Ronnie Pierce is one of the most genuinely loving men I have ever known. His deep love for the Lord radiates from his soul to thousands of people through his ministry in song and in his deep Spirit-filled preaching and healing services."

Rhonda Fleming
Legendary Movie Star

"Writing my Life Story, 'A Naughty Thing Called Life … The Papa Spyk Story', has made me go back into my past and start picking out the good from the very bad. I was born in the sixties, a mad, crazy and very athletic child, trapped in a hopelessly dysfunctional world. My story is fundamentally honest and I find that people have a problem dealing with honesty. After suffering a near death experience, being told I’d never walk again, that I would be a paraplegic, and never father a child. I thought my life was over. But thanks to God, my amazing family, and close friends around the world, who gave me the strength to survive, to learn to walk again, and father my very own little Angel, Angelyna, who is my world, my everything.

I went from being one of the fittest men on the planet who had it all; fast cars, the world's most gorgeous women, and money, and I lost it all because of drugs. I became bedridden, couldn't move, work, speak or anything, they even wanted to amputate both my legs, but I got myself up, taught myself to walk and talk again to where I am now, and I could not be happier, and the best yet to come.

All I want now is to inspire and make a positive difference to people’s lives. It’s all about my honesty, integrity, spirit, and courage to love and be loved. I have come further than anybody I have ever known. It seems I have already discovered that there is a silver lining in every cloud. I now know my world, which I am, what I’ve been and what I’ve become. This is a testament to focusing my energy from destruction to Creation. I have to say it's taken me about 19 years of grueling hard painful work to get here, but I've done it and if I can do it, you or anyone you know can do it too.

This is why I've written my book, to help, motivate, inspire and help others to live their dreams and make them come true...

From the day I had the privilege to meet Ronnie Pierce a great man with a good soul and such a giving heart we became instant friends and we talk daily even though we live on different continents and have become very close friends and he has supported me and helped me tremendously with my medical situation and also supported me by reading (and recommending) all three of my real, powerful and rather inspiring books. For this Ronnie, I thank you deeply from the bottom of my damaged heart. So if you know anyone that has problems with drugs or are depressed or have given up on life and need motivation or inspiration tell them to read your best friends book" ... ~Papa Spyk

Edouard "Papa Spyk" Gheur
Professional Rugby Player
Champion Bodybuilder
Won USA National Rugby Championship 1984
Played Professional Rugby in South Africa
Top International Model
Hollywood actor, stuntman, Bodybuilder, author
"A Naughty Thing Called Life – The Complete Story By: Papa Spyk
http://www.lulu.com/shop/papa-spyk/a-naughty-thing-called-lifethe-complete-story/paperback/product-21624305.html www.papaspyk.com

"Ronnie Pierce has been a close friend and associate for the last several years. I cannot speak higher of a friend and Spiritual advisor! Ronnie has been the perfect support and back-up through several years of family and personal financial stress! God Bless Ronnie!!! He has been a friend and a Rock to me!!!"

Grant Henderson
World Famous Fitness/Cover Model
Champion Bodybuilder
Los Angeles, CA

"My friend Ronnie is a great man, and inspirational man of God. He's the type friend that you can call at any hour, and he'll rush to your aid. He also works with the youth, training the youth in the way they should go. "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6) We need more people like him in the world." God bless,"

Jason Scott Jenkins
Actor, Athlete, Model, Executive Producer/Music Supervisor

"Ronnie Pierce [Ministries] exemplifies the move of God's Spirit during this latter rain; edifying through the love of God....showing that to lead, we must serve....as the greatest king to ever live was a servant to all."

Chip Mayer

"To Whom It Concerns,

My name is Michael Mednick and I became friends with Mr. Ronnie Pierce about two years ago, even though we've never met in person I feel like we are Brothers for life. Every once in a while "you" run into someone who has a heart that beats just like yours. I truly believe my Bro Ronnie has a heart like-mine. Ronnie and I both like to ENCOURAGE others in life. We are also Brothers whom seek council from other God fearing individuals. We are MEN OF CHRIST whom dwell in the mountains with other followers.

Ronnie's love for Christ is beyond contagious and I'll bet that wherever he is he'll be bringing God's Light INTO that place.

It's an honor to endorse my beloved Brother Ronnie Pierce as I Am completely humbled to do so!"

Michael Mednick
"Rock Bottom Is A Solid Foundation"
"Because You're Worth It!

"Ronnie Pierce is a dear friend who has been very good to me. I appreciate his friendship, generosity, and loving support more than words can say.

Ronnie truly loves and cares about people and he loves our Lord with all of his heart. He is an honest man who is not afraid to Run to the Roar . I admire that!

It is my prayer that you will be uplifted, encouraged, strengthened, and blessed as you listen to this collection of beautiful, anointed, inspirational songs that lift up the Name of Jesus.

Ronnie Pierce has a wonderful voice. I love it! And I believe that you will too.

God Bless You,"

Tammy Faye Messner

"To Whom It May Concern,

I have been requested to write an Recommendation Letter on/for renowned evangelist, singer, pastor, Mr. Ronnie Piece and I must say it would be my honor and pleasure.

I actually first crossed Mr. Pierce’s path when he was a devoted Manager/Public Relations PR) representative for the talent and beloved actor Dack Rambo. I was a producer for a popular talk show at the time and Mr. Pierce was one of the most agreeable and accommodating reps I ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

In a world where stars and their reps are so demanding ...Mr. Pierce was a refreshing change and such a kind soul ...He set the bar of his client so as a result, Mr. Rambo was exactly the same way ...humble and gracious and a pleasure to work with. Exactly like Mr. Pierce.

Years later with the help of Social Media we crossed paths again, it did not surprise me that he was a Minster now.

Pastor Pierce has a Healing Energy about him..I look forward to his inspiring messages each and every day on Social Media...it helps me to ground my energy and to remind me that Prayer and being Thankful for all of my Blessings is the most Important job I MUST do each and every day.


His Daily Messages teaches us all how to connect to Divine Energy and how to use that energy for healing everything in your daily life.

I am honored to know Pastor Pierce and truly Blessed to call him a friend.

Thank You,"

Ms Myreah Mia Moore
aka My Mia Moore
Senior Booking Producer for Comedy Central

""On his mission, Dr. Ronnie Pierce has used his gift and talent to uplift, inspire, cheer and bring hope to all that he comes in contact with. He is an anointed man of God.

This action-oriented servant has been most successful in using his gift and talent by bringing together a fragmented world in perfect harmony as God wills.

Dr. Ronnie Pierce has traveled internationally in conferences and alongside other ministries to sing, teach, speak and preach the Word Of God. I have had the pleasure of traveling with Dr. Ronnie Pierce to Israel and I can state with confidence that he is a man on a mission and on the move for God, he is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity."

J.P. Olson
Founder of 'Journey Into The Word Ministry'
Today's Women Empowerment Summit and Recording Artist

"Ronnie Pierce inspires the humanity in everyone. His message is one of unconditional love and goodwill towards all. I support Ronnie as a Child of God taking care of God's children!"

Patricia Pease

"Ronnie Pierce is nothing short of a prayer warrior. His love for God and man is a constant source of encouragement. The Lord has blessed him with a deep sense of human understanding and spiritual knowledge. You definitely want Ronnie on your side in battle!"

Austin Peck

“What can I say about Pastor Ronnie Pierce? We have been friends for a few years, two or three to be exact, and he has truly been a great friend. Pastor Pierce has always been positive, enlightening, a great listener, patient, a great leader, and most importantly deeply compassionate when it comes to helping me solve my problems and obstacles at work and in life. When he cares, he cares deeply.

As a Writer and Journalist by profession, I don’t think fancy or big words can really put in essence what a great Pastor, man, and truly a remarkable human being, he really is. From what I have witnessed of his work with his congregation, and the work he has done and continues to do, me as his friend and his congregation are extremely lucky and happy.

I just have one request, that Pastor Pierce takes some time for rest as God and heaven even took some time off. But we as humans, with many foibles and difficulties, need more Pastors and more noble humans like Pastor Pierce to continue helping us.”

Chaka Phillips
New York, NY
Freelance Journalist and Writer, Blogger, and former Reporter for the ‘New York Daily News’ and the Latin Post http://www.nydailynews.com/authors?author=Chaka%20Phillips http://www.latinpost.com/reporters/chaka-phillips https://chakaiaaleadership.wordpress.com

"My great friend Ronnie Pierce is a beautiful man with a soul of gold!"

Richard Pryor, Jr.

"Hello, this is Buck Rambo and I am writing this note to say I have known Pastor Ronnie Pierce for several years and appreciate not only his fine singing voice but also believe him to be a man of integrity and good works. His love for Christ and the Word have endeared him to many. I would be glad to recommend him anywhere."

In God's Service
Buck Rambo
The Rambos


You're one of God's favorites and mine. Day after day, year after year after year, I will never forget you, your generosity, your love, your kindness and support in my darkest hour. However, dark no more!!

God's continued blessings to you, your ministry and all of your endeavors, and know, I love you with all my heart."

Dack Rambo

"Ronnie Pierce recently attended our 'friends and fans' event in Bell Buckle. His enthusiasm, humor and positive spirit contributed so much to the success of the entire weekend--he was such a cheerleader for the guest artists, and it was an absolute pleasure to worship with him."

Russ and Tori Taff

"I've known Brother Ronnie since 1980. He's a great guy...and a friend"

Reggie Vinson
Reggie Vinson Outreach

"Pastor Ronnie Pierce is a man of God. He has a gentle soul, a delightful sense of humor, a loving heart for people, and a wonderfully talented musician and singer! My wife and I now have Pastor Ronnie’s albums in our cars, and listen to his music, every day!"

Ming Wang, MD, PhD
Harvard & MIT (MD); PhD (laser physics)
Director, Wang Vision 3D Cataract & LASIK Center, Nashville, TN
Published 8 Textbooks , Author of “FROM DARKNESS TO SIGHT”
His biography was the theme of the hit movie ‘God’s Not Dead’)
Founder of; Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration & Wang Foundation for Christian Outreach to China

"Ronnie Pierce is a talented man whose passion in life is "to be an example for good and to help his fellow man". His labors of love for humanity are guided by the strong belief that caring, compassion, communication, and commitment are essential to any healing process. I am pleased to recommend the ministry of my dear friend, Ronnie Pierce to you."


Doug Wead
Presidential Historian and Commentator, Best-Selling Author, Former Presidential Advisor

"Ronnie Pierce is a beautiful child of God with a heart of gold whose life exemplifies love and compassion. I am blessed to call him friend!"

Steven S. Williams
Celebrity Photographer and Publicist
Los Angeles, CA

Ministry Recommendations

"Having known Dr. Ronnie Pierce for some time now, I have come to love him as a brother, admire him as a leader, and trust him as a friend.

Dr. Pierce has the rare ability to be very touchable as a pastor, a man filled with compassion and yet uncompromising as an able and masterful minister of God's Holy Word!

Talented beyond belief as a psalmist and so sensitive to the Spirit of God. Pastor Ronnie Pierce flows wonderfully in the gifts of the Spirit. Prophecy, miracles and healing's are very prominent in Dr. Pierces ministry. Dr. Pierce has been graced with a true Apostolic anointing and young ministers are flourishing under his fatherly care.

I am honored to call Dr. Pierce my friend!"

Pastor Bill Borieo
Lafollette Tabernacle of Praise

"Ronnie Pierce introduced me to Jesus. I will forever be thankful to him for that! I'm sure there are many things one could say on behalf of Ronnie, but I find it all summed up in this; Ronnie does not condemn nor does he condone. He only loves and that has made the difference."

Jeremy Cain
Rhema Bible Training Center Graduate
RPM/MWC Ordained Minister

"Dear Pastors:

Christian Greetings!

This letter is being written to graciously recommend to you the ministry of Ronnie Pierce. Ronnie has ministered in our fellowship with great results. He has a God-given talent to minister to any audience of any size, age or any church. Ronnie's testimony of healing will inspire you as well as move you to believe for any personal need that you may have.

The Lord has anointed him mightily in the ministry of music and singing. Through the preaching of the Word, the gifts of healing that have been manifested.

I personally recommend Ronnie Pierce as a very anointed man of God for this age."

Bishop Gary Clowers
Family Worship Center Ministries
Fremont OH

"I have known Dr. Ronnie Pierce for 36 years. We were young ministers together. Many years now have passed and I found myself with renal cell carcinoma and leukemia. The renal cell cancer was removed surgically but that left me with just one half of one kidney and still suffering with leukemia and taking chemotherapy. I contacted Dr. Pierce and we arranged a time for me to attend a healing service at Monterey Worship Center. My white blood cell count had been as high as 100,000, which is 10 times the high normal. In addition my red blood cell count was low at 12 and platelets were also as low as 124. Since the prayer service, my white cell count is down to 33,000, my red cell count is up to 15.9, and my platelets are at 287. Praise God for these very strong results, and thank God for Dr. Ronnie Pierce and Monterey Worship Center. If you are struggling with illness, make a trip to Monterey, TN and make plans to attend a Miracle Healing Service. God will meet you there."

Rev. John DeWitt
Harrison, AR

"If you are looking for Real-Honest-Effective Ministry then look no further. Pastor Ronnie Pierce is the minister you are looking for. Pastor Ronnie Pierce is real, He is passionate and He is extremely gifted. Along with humor, revelation, and Godly wisdom Pastor Ronnie ministers and sings with a high level of anointing. I count it an honor to call Pastor Ronnie Pierce my friend. In a time when the Church needs a strong stance on Godly principles and a unwavering voice of truth... Pastor Ronnie is that minister."

Pastor David Edmondson
Founder/Sr. Pastor of Covenant Connections Church
Flowery Branch, GA

"Ronnie Pierce has appeared on the PTL Television Network singing for the nightly Campmeeting USA program.

I serve as host for the program so I see a lot of guests come and go each night. Ronnie possesses a beautiful spirit and has a tremendous desire to minister and not just to sing.

Our people were lead in worship and enjoyed Ronnie's ministry very much. You will be blessed!"

Paul Ferrin
Director of Music
PTL Television Network

*Paul Ferrin, a native of Denver, Colorado, traveled with Ira Stanphill, a well known gospel composer and preacher. Paul was the Director of Music for the late Kathryn Kuhlman Ministries and pianist for Miss Kuhlman's "I Believe In Miracles" television program. He has over 300 published arrangements and compositions, with sales of over two million octavos. Four companies list Ferrin pieces in their top ten sellers of all time. Paul Ferrin was Minister of Music at Bethel Church in San Jose, California. He directed a 160-member choir and a musical program of over 500 people. As Director of Music for the PTL Television Network for three years, Paul Ferrin was responsible for all music produced for church services, television and special productions. From 1987 to 1991 Paul Ferrin was the Minister of Music at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, California pastored by Reverend Glen Cole with nearly 6,000 in attendance each Sunday. Since 1992 Paul has conducted choral seminars in many denominations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

"Ronnie Pierce is a dynamic man of God, truly anointed of the Holy Spirit to minister the word of God. A man of faith and a true friend. Blessings and love,"

Pastor David Flores
Abundant Living Word International
LA Habra, CA

"Thank God for Ronnie Pierce Ministries! Pastor Ronnie ministers to so many through the Word and music and has a call of God on his life to minister where many of us can't. We here at Life of Victory Ministries are thankful for Ronnie's friendship and partnership and together as a body we can get all God has for us accomplished!"

Rev. Michael Flowers
Life of Victory Ministries

"Dr. Pierce is a dynamic leader, a prophetic voice to God's people, and a true friend to me and my family. He has been a direct encouragement to us on a number of occasions; always willing and ready to pray, intercede and speak God's word over our lives. He walks in anointing, authority, faith, and refreshing humility. I fully endorse him and the ministry God has called him to and am confident you will be deeply blessed by having him come and minister."

Brad Fontaine
Associate Pastor
Faith Family Church-Baytown, Texas

"It is my great privilege to pen this reference on behalf of Dr. Ronnie Pierce. Of the thirty-five plus years that I have been involved in ministry, I have known Ronnie for thirty of these. I first made his acquaintance as an instructor of his at New Life Bible School, founded by Norvel Hayes, in Cleveland, TN. In more recent years, I have ministered on numerous occasions at his church in Monterey, TN. While knowing him in the capacities of a student and fellow minister of the gospel, I cherish most of all knowing him as a dear friend and brother in the Lord.

My summation of a true minister of God is found in Jesus' response to the mother of James and John's request that her sons sit "one on the right hand, and the other on the left, in thy kingdom" (Matt. 20:21). He said to her

Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister, and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many. (Matthew 20:25-28, emphasis mine).

In a day when more than one thing has gotten turned around in regard to what true ministry should be, Ronnie is among those who come in the spirit of a servant-leader, who have no qualms about seeing ministry as more of an undergirding for the body of Christ—a "from the bottom up" role rather than "from the top down"—not having to have a seat at the head of the table. He is not "untouchable" and suffers from no delusions that exude a self-appointed, hierarchial air about himself.

I once heard a prophecy that, in part, said, "The prophetic voice will find its place in the royal parts of this earth, in places of honor, places of greatness, places of importance... God will bring you before great men and great women of God." Ronnie Pierce, who has been used of God strongly and quite specifically in the prophetic since even before his teen years, is indeed a prophetic voice for this day and hour... with his greatest ministry yet to come. What stands out to me about him, among a multitude of other things, is what he understands "royal...places of honor, places of greatness, places of importance...greatmen and great women of God" to be. Royal places are where royalty resides; and the Bible says that God has made us all-—born-again believers—kings and priests, a royal priesthood. We are all royalty. And that's the way Ronnie sees and makes everyone feel —including his amazing, country-folk congregation at Monterey, nestled in the Tennessee mountains. And I find that especially important in this day of the Lord's greatest hour on the face of the earth and the church's greatest hour for manifesting His glory and power.

Contrary to what has been seen of God's power in times past where it has been manifested only in pockets here and there and through an individual man or woman or groups of men and women, we are in a day when God's power will be manifested in an even greater way, en-masse, corporately, throughout the body of Christ. And in this day, the kind of heart for God and understanding of ministry that Ronnie has is what God will use to implement this move of His Spirit. Ronnie will be a catalyst in days to come for stirring up God's people to do greater exploits. He is an eagle to soon be completely released for this appointed task.

I believe that Ronnie, for the most part, has been hidden away in those Tennessee mountains, focusing on intimacy with his Father. I believe he is a new wineskin for the fresh outpouring of God's Spirit. I believe he is a voice for setting many things in order on the inside and on the outside in the body of Christ.

He brings a seasoned understanding of our Father and a seasoned walk with Him to bear in an hour when a new generation needs not only the anchoring of those such as he who have gone before, but the seasoned leadership that he brings, as well, that will help this generation to mature and rally at an accelerated pace for an accelerated work of God.

With great sincerity and conviction, I say that he is a now voice and an urgent voice to the Church and to the nations. I truly believe that all of his years of ministry have been in preparation for this particular day of the Lord. I truly believe that he is one of those who will lead the Church down the homestretch. He has walked with and ministered with the greats" in God's work, and has ridden several of God's waves of emphases—the Voice of Healing revival, the Charismatic move, the Word of Faith movement, and now the move that is restoring the prophetic and apostolic to the body of Christ to bring a fully-functioning five-fold ministry on the scene for unifying and maturing the Church to spearhead a revival of unprecedented magnitude—a revival that will culminate in the coming of our Lord.

Dr. Pierce is a dynamic leader, a prophetic voice to God's people, and a true friend to me and my family. He has been a direct encouragement to us on a number of occasions; always willing and ready to pray, intercede and speak God's word over our lives. He walks in anointing, authority, faith, and refreshing humility. I fully endorse him and the ministry God has called him to and am confident you will be deeply blessed by having him come and minister."

Bobbie Jo Hamilton
I Am Ministries

"Hello... God bless Ronnie Pierce for faithfully ministering the healing Word of God . Psalms 107:20"

Mark Hankins
Mark Hankins Ministries

"Ronnie Pierce [Ministries] is one of the greatest healing and miracle ministries in the country!"

Dr. Norvel Hayes
Norvel Hayes Ministries
New Life Bible College/New Life Bible Church

"Pastor Ronnie Pierce is a minister who has the same kind of compassion that JESUS carries. He is one of the best teachers and ministers we have ever had at New Life Bible College / New Life Bible Church."

Pastor Zona Hayes-Morrow
Executive Director of Norvel Hayes Ministries,
Founder of Action Faith Ministries,
Director and Dean of New Life Bible College & Senior Pastor of New Life Bible Church

"Ronnie Pierce is an example of God's delivering power. His talent is dedicated to glorify Jesus!"

Pat Hayes Hightower

"Ronnie Pierce, a minister and a friend whose life and ministry has deeply touched many. Many wonderful things can be said about this ambassador of grace. He has been incredibly faithful to the call of God, and to his role in the Body of Christ. God’s hand on his life is unique and relevant. The one thing that stands out about him is the anointing of God on his life, and the passion he has to see people saved and their lives put on the right path. The message is real and authentic."

Pastor Sam Hinn

"We are in a glorious and treacherous hour. I rejoice that you are as determined as I am to expose all false doctrine and promote only the pure doctrine of Christ as set forth in the Word without compromise. I praise God that you are in agreement with the book I have written on the end-time. The Rapture, The Tribulation and Beyond.

I am delighted that we stand together, in the precious and mighty Name of Jesus, to keep the Law in all it’s application out of the New Covenant, to exalt the blood of Jesus and power of the Holy Spirit, to proclaim the church as the body of Christ only and not the bride (the bride being New Jerusalem) and to embrace the pre-tribulation glorification and rapture of the church.

It is a pleasure to know you and to be able to be in agreement with the powerful ministry the Lord has given you to operate in the anointing of the Holy Spirit that destroys every yoke and removes every burden to the glory of Almighty God.

I love you, bear witness to your faith and ministry and give you permission to use this letter in any way you wish.

In His abundant love and mine,"

B.D. Hyman
The B.D. Hyman Ministry
Charlottesville, VA

P.S. Thank you for your enthusiasm and compliments for my book. I am glad that you are blessed by it. Love, B.D.

*B.D. Hyman is the daughter of film legend Bette Davis

"I am pleased to recommend Ronnie Pierce an anointed child of God to minister both the uncompromised Word, also in music and song.

Ronnie has a very active and productive ministry and is used greatly in the Gifts of the Spirit. His ministry is very inspiring and uplifting to the Christian needing encouragement.

I personally believe that the ministry of Evangelist, Ronnie Pierce will bless any church or Christian organization looking for mature counseling and spiritual teaching, which is Christ-centered.

Any consideration shown Ronnie will be greatly appreciated."

Mickey Jordan
Evangelist & Author
Mickey Jordan Ministries, Inc.

"This letter is to inform you of the ministry qualifications of Mr. Ronnie Pierce. Mr. Pierce was a full-time student at New Life Bible School in Cleveland, TN. until another door was opened unto him by the Lord.

While here at the school, he proved himself faithful in all aspects of school functions; grades, attendance, neatness, and sincerity. He has the Call of God on his life and the anointing flows through him as he ministers; both in song and Word.

We believe in his ministry and know his personal life backs up his strong convictions."

Tom Kitchene
Student Counselor
New Life Bible School
Associate of Norvel Hayes Ministry

"Ronnie Pierce has appeared several times on our local "Praise the Lord" program. TBI is always blessed by his music. Many calls are received when he shares his testimony of what the Lord has done in his life and ministry.

We are sure Ronnie will be a vessel used of God wherever he appears and ministers."

Mary L. Laird
Manager Station Operations
Trinity Broadcasting Network of Indiana (TBI)

"Ronnie is a pleasure and a "pro" to work with in the Studio. He is not only a singer, He ministers in song... Producing a project for him was great, but the first time I was in one of Ronnie's “LIVE” services, I was blown away... The way the Holy Spirit moved through him was phenomenal. He's one of the best evangelists I have ever heard... Once you've experienced an encounter with him, I know you will feel the same!"

Rick Lloyd
Trinity Music City Recording Studio
Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

"Still I’m amazed how God can take from nowhere, something, and make nowhere into somewhere. Yes, from our hometown, Monterey, Tennessee, God has used Ronnie Pierce in such a way; it’s somewhere, it’s .. "MONTEREY, TN. – HOME OF RONNIE PIERCE!"

Yes Pal, You’re Great!

Your Ole’ friend & brother in Christ,"

Justin Looper

"Ronnie Pierce is a true man of God! Ronnie has an anointing to heal both body and soul. His compassion for the lost and brokenhearted flows in every area of his ministry. His revelatory knowledge of God's word brings to the body of Christ a healthy balance that is very needed. I highly recommend this powerful, cutting-edge man of God!"

Dr. Jeremy Lopez
CEO & Founder of: Identity Network

"This letter is to inform you that Ronnie Pierce graduated from Overcoming Faith Bible Training Center in good standing. He attended this Training Center most of the 1981-82 school year.

We believe Ronnie's gift from God will make room for him. He sang at several meetings and a Crusade and was a blessing to all. Ronnie is dedicated to the Ministry God has given him in music and we pray he will be used mightily of God to see people ministered to and set free."

Joe McCroskey
Executive Vice-President of
Jerry Savelle Ministries

"Once in a while you meet someone who has a combination of rare qualities that allows them to be used of the Lord in an extraordinary way... Ronnie Pierce is one of those individuals. I have seen how Ronnie handles teaching, music, prayer, T.V., relationships and other areas of ministry life and it is truly refreshing.

I personally feel he would be a tremendous asset to any expression of ministry ot people. So often we as Christian leaders get 'locked in' to having the same guests over and over when God is really wanting us to allow Him to be fresh and creative in our midst.

Jesus, through Ronnie Pierce, is the prescription I would write for any ailment common to man.

Thanks and may God richly bless and prosper your every step of faith."

Len Mink
Len Mink Ministries
Tulsa, OK

"This is to Affirm that Dr. Ronnie Pierce is well known to me and is the senior minister of Monterey Worship Center in Monterey, TN U.S.A. It was my joy to share his pulpit and minister the Word with such freedom and enjoy the presence of Almighty God.

Dr. Ronnie Pierce has a great anointing on his life and exercises the gifts of the Spirit. Signs and wonders follow the ministry of the Word. He is a man who spends much time in prayer & seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Not only does he preach and teach the Word under a great anointing but he is an accomplished singer. Many lives have been touched by his ministry in song.

He is a humble man of God who has a great passion for people and to reach the lost and hurting. He is held very high in God. He has my highest recommendation to the body of Christ.

Blessings to you in the all-powerful Name of our Lord!"

Bishop Krish P. Naidoo
Overseeing Bishop of, Destiny Prayer Chapel in Pietermaritzburg,
Johannesburg, Pinetown, Malawi & Districts, South Africa

"I have known Ronnie for more than 30 years. He is an anointed man of God, affluent in the gifts of the Spirit, ministry in song, and expounding the truths of God's Holy Word. His powerful message from above brings strength to the weary, and healing to spirit, soul and body."

Rev. Dr. Keyvan Neal
2007 WAC World Heavyweight Champion

"Ronnie Pierce is one of the most authentic men of God that you could ever hope to meet. He is an incredibly anointed singer, a profound teacher of God's Word and has one of the most powerful prophetic gifts you will ever come across. And he's as much a man of God in character and conduct outside of the pulpit as he is when he's behind the pulpit. He is a wonderful gift to the Body of Christ, and knowing him has been a true blessing, privilege and source of help for me."

Pastor Jordan Orick
Grace Life Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI

"Pastor Ronnie has always been a kind friend. He has a mission to reach out to our hurting generation with love and acceptance. A true patriot of social justice."

Jesse O'Dell
Tulsa, Oklahoma
(Jesse O'dell is the great-grandson of Dr. T.L. & Daisy Washburn Osborn)

"We have been blessed and honored by the Gifts that reside in Rev. Ronnie Pierce. He has ministered in our church many times over the last year. The Gifts of Knowledge along with Gifts of Healing have manifest in amazing ways. Words of Knowledge were accurate. As I followed him through the prayer lines, I , as a pastor, immediately recognized that I was witnessing a notable miracle! Many were touched and healed. His wielding of the Sword of the Lord, God’s Word, is refreshing, humorous, and intensely powerful. He preaches the true Gospel, Good News, that God Loves us and He is not mad at us and He is a true Father to us! I give Brother Pierce my highest recommendation! He is a true and faithful Man of God."

Pastor Marion Pope
Winchester Christian Center International
Winchester, IN

"Ronnie Pierce has shown himself to be a fair and upstanding man of God in the period of time that I have known him.

I believe not only in the authenticity of the call of God on his life, but also in his commitment to walk in the purity of a life above reproach. I believe he would be a tremendous blessing to any ministerial organization that he might be associated with."

Rev. John Pursell
Pastor of:
The Believers Church of Madera
Madera, CA

"Ronnie Pierce is one of the most lovingly authentic people I know. His love for God and for people show through his life and ministry in a huge way. Ronnie’s personal journey of freedom with Christ through seemingly insurmountable challenges has given him an amazing strength and resolve to set others free. His life is a miracle and he continues to answer the call to invoke miracles for others. I fully endorse Ronnie and his ministry."

Robert Ricciardelli
Founder – The Converging Zone Network

"My friend, Pastor Ronnie Pierce. demonstrates the power of a Living, Loving. Lord through his walk and the healing virtue that flows through him, and the anointed Word that he speaks..... 'a true apostle of the faith' ordained for this hour!"

Tom Rich

"Spiritual gifts and anointing are a powerful force for the Kingdom of God. Ronnie Pierce has that combination and its having an impact for God on this generation. I appreciate his ministry and his friendship."

Jerry K. Rose
Total Living Network

"Do you enjoy watching God move in the lives of people? Does it thrill your heart to hear of how God has endowed someone with a special gift to bring joy and peace to others? If so, then you will enjoy the music ministry of Ronnie Pierce.

Ronnie is a man gifted of God to sing the truths of God's Word. Not only will you be lifted by his anointed voice but you will be encouraged by the message that he sings.

Listen to the words to each song closely. Allow the Holy Spirit to energize your faith and propel you into new adventures with Him.

I pray that Ronnie's gift will touch your life today."

Dr. Jerry Savelle
Jerry Savelle Ministries International
Crowley, TX

"This letter is in regards to my good friend Ronnie Pierce.

My family and I have known him as a good friend and a man of God since 1988. Ronnie is a man of compassion with a heart for God and others. He always speaks truth and is straight forward about life.

I don't look at him as a religious man, but as a man that has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Bottom line -- I would trust Ronnie with my life!"

James Shelton, President
Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International (F.G.B.M.F.I.)
Bakersfield, California Chapter

"Rev. Ronnie Pierce has been a blessing to our Christian Broadcasting Network as an anointed music minister. His sincere style and vocals convey a deep passion for Christ and the Kingdom of God.

Ronnie has been a faithful member of World Harvest Ministers Network for some time. His commitment to Christ and faithfulness to the call of God is an example to many."

Stephen Sumrall
President and Senior Pastor
Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association (LeSEA)
South Bend, IN

"Dr. Ronnie Pierce is a dynamic speaker, inventive leader and wonderful resource of faith. He is sought after from a wide variety of people ranging from Hollywood actors, recording artists, Christian leaders and local parishoners alike. We have had the pleasure of ministering with Ronnie on a number of occasions in Churches and venues across America. He operates in the miraculous and always brings joy and blessing everywhere he goes. We are happy to endorse his ministry and recommend him to you."

Dr. Stephen and Kellie Swisher, Senior Executives
Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Ft Worth, TX

"Pastor Ronnie Pierce is the "real" thing. He is among the most genuine lovers of God and people that I have ever had the honor of meeting. He ministers from a heart that truly conveys the love and glory of God. He is gifted with a unique ability to inspire, encourage and stir up the faith within a person. His depth of knowledge and often humorous style will have you laughing, crying and in wonder at the same time. A truly gifted and anointed man of God that is among the generals of this day. I can honestly say that he has impacted my life and that through knowing him I will never be the same. A true motivator that inspires potential, a standard for integrity and honor among today's leaders and heart that displays Jesus on this earth are just a few words to describe Pastor Ronnie. A true blessing to the body of Christ! I love you Pastor Ronnie, may you be blessed and walk in favor with everything you do!"

Jason Tanksley
Campus Pastor - Bristol
Impact International Church

"Ronnie and I share a common bond. A bond that begins at the foot of the Cross. I connected with Ronnie because the Word of God is alive in the mind, the heart and the deep understanding of Ronnie Pierce.

Ronnie and I share a second common bond. God has shown us the power of music to share that Word of God. We have both been blessed with an ability to communicate through song, something that Ronnie Pierce does very well.

Ronnie and I share a third common bond. The empowerment of the Holy Spirit that fuels the fire of the calling of God to share the Word of God and the music of God. Ronnie Pierce is a man who yields to the Holy Spirit and ministers under the anointing. He has ministered to me both in song and Word. Ronnie understands that the Gospel Message is alive!

Now I invite you to allow this recording to speak to you from the foot of the cross, the Word of God, the power of music, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit."

Royce Taylor
Lynn Royce Taylor Ministries
Tenor Vocalist for THE STAMPS QUARTET

"In my opinion Ronnie Pierce is a man that's Happy, Joyful, Energetic, and full of Wisdom!"

LaVerne Tripp
LaVerne Tripp Ministries

"Ronnie Pierce is a man that has a heart for people. His ministry is filled with the anointing of God. Whether he is singing or preaching, you sense the passion he has for reaching the hurting and broken. He brings a message of hope and healing to every audience he encounters. I am honored to call him a brother in the Lord."

Terry Tripp
Author, Nationally known Speaker, Teacher of the Word

"I first met Ronnie Pierce around 1986 when he came to my church to minister. I was very impressed with the way he was able to flow in the supernatural and with his ability to know things about people that he had never met before. You see, I knew these people and I had counseled with many of them. I knew their problems, desires, situations, and I knew there was no way Ronnie could have known with such accuracy the details of their lives. Yet he ministered specifically to so many needs as he simply yielded to the gift God has given him.

Ronnie and I became close friends and I had the privilege of spending many hours with him in Bible study, discussion and prayer. During about a two year period, I actually traveled around the country with Ronnie as a part of his ministry. It was during this period of time I was able to witness the humble lifestyle of this traveling evangelist as well as the commitment it takes to stay on the road in the face of what was almost a constant financial crisis.

Ronnie has a heart for people, all people especially the rejected, hurting, and broken spirited. I could not begin to numbere the psychiatric miracles I have witnessed through this ministry. Countless cases of depression, anxiety, neurosis, self esteem problems and fears of all kinds I have seen successfully treated by the Holy Spirit at the hand of Ronnie. As a physician I was trained to observe and report objectively and scientifically all aspects of the human condition. I will never forget the night in Bakersfield, California when I witnessed a seven year old little girl who had been sent home to die with cancer as she came forward for prayer with the help of her mother. She was obviously a very sick little child but painfully made her way up the aisle toward Ronnie who spoke a word of healing over her referring to the condition with pin point accuracy. She was instantly healed, her countenance immediately changed as she became full of life and was actually running around the church before we left that night. Her Mother reported to us later that her daughter had no sign of cancer and had returned completely to normal.

Another evening in my home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, I was privileged to be in one of Ronnie's meetings when a young woman came forward for prayer. She had previously had a breast removed surgically for cancer. As Ronnie prayed, she began to have a sensation in the area of her surgery. When she checked herself later she found that breast tissue had grown back in the previously removed area. This physical sign was verified by her pastor who is a personal friend of mine for many years and numerous others who have seen the results of this miracle!

I am extremely thankful that God has chosen to use Ronnie in such a supernatural way to touch the many thousands he ministers to on a daily basis. I am also thankful that he has persisted despite all kinds of opposition to minister restoration to all those who do believe. There is but one explanation: With God all things are possible to those who believe."

Dr. Donald R. Ver Hulst M.D.
Host of:
Hope For Your Health T.V. Program (TCT)

“I’ve known Ronnie Pierce since 1985. As a young man, Ronnie was filled with God’s Holy Spirit and called into a ministry of preaching, healing, worship, singing, and evangelism. If Ronnie wasn’t called into the ministry, he most definitely would have been called into ‘comedy’ because he is one funny witty guy, but he blends that into ministry and what a gift!

Ronnie has a beautiful baritone voice. I’ve enjoyed his Music Ministry over the years. Recently, I had the honor of Ronnie recording my song ‘Free At Last’ (on his most recent cd, ‘The Light’ by Ronnie Pierce & The Tripp Family).

Ronnie has earned the mantle of pastor and teacher with his church and bible school, equipping and disciplining mature Christians to carry the banner of Christ.

Ronnie is a friend that is closer than a brother."

Craig Wolf
Singer, Worship Leader, Songwriter

Personal References

"I am grateful to have this opportunity to say a few words about Ronnie Pierce, and I will try to be as concise and to the point as possible. I have known Ronnie for about eight years, and it has been the best eight years of my life! I have experienced the love of God poured out through this man, have seen in him the true Godly character that I strive to attain to myself, and I can say with total confidence that I trust him with my life.

Ronnie has been to me a friend of unquestionable honesty and loyalty. He has shared freely with me the gifts of the Spirit that have freely been given to him to minister with, and he has never asked for anything in return. Not only has Ronnie been an awesome blessing to me, but to countless others that I have asked him to either pray for or with, to counsel, to encourage, to meet any need that was present. Ronnie's actions and efforts to meet those needs has been tireless, consistent, caring beyond expectation, and always with the resulting production of good fruit.

If you have the opportunity to be around Ronnie, whether the situation is personal or professional, then you are going to be refreshed by a person who is practical, down-to-earth, responsible, real, and who puts the needs of others above his own needs, and that in itself is refreshing in this time in which we live!"

Kenneth Denison
Atlanta, GA

"It is with pleasure and confidence that I recommend Ronnie Pierce. He is a man of integrity and upright character.

I have seen Mr. Pierce in diverse situations, maintaining that integrity at all costs. If he says he will do something, he keeps his word; anyone could find him to be dependable and faithful.

Further, Ronnie is a caring person, seeing other people's needs and willing to make himself available for help, even at his inconvenience.

I highly recommend Ronnie Pierce. He can be relied upon and would be a great asset wherever he goes."

Rosemary K. France
Singer & Speaker

"I am very pleased to share this amazing story of two very special people in my life; Actor Dack Rambo and Bro. Ronnie Pierce. Dack himself said he believed that it was divine providence that brought their lives together. I saw first-hand, up close and personal, the devotion and dedication of Bro. Ronnie Pierce [Ministries] in his ministry to Dack Rambo and the change that followed:

I remember coming to work as the Housekeeper and Caregiver for actor Dack Rambo and his mother, Beatrice Rambo in September 1992 which is one of the most cherished times of my life, meeting and working for these beautiful, kind hearted people who taught me so much in life matters, that- no matter who you are, you are always unique and you matter in your own special way.

In the coming month of October, I prepared for the visit and stay of a special guest of Dack's, someone I had heard of but had not met prior to the day of his arrival. I knew instantly that I was meeting a very loving, generous, Man of God ... Bro. Ronnie Pierce. It was as if God had sent his angel from heaven to help Dack get through something no one could even imagine going through.

The Story begins.

Bro. Ronnie Pierce arrived on a beautiful fall day at the Rambo home in Delano, California in October 1992. I still remember the beautiful smile on Dack's face that day. He was looking so forward to this day, a day of change, a day when he was going to let go of every fear and pain in his life! God had sent him a prayer partner and in Dack's own words, "the best friend he ever had in his entire life".

Brother Ronnie had been praying with Dack by phone and the healing process had begun and his timely visit would only prove to get things going more speedily in the right direction for Dack. I remember Bro. Ronnie's arrival. There was a Guest House in back of the Main House. This is where Dack and Bro. Ronnie went to pray, meditate upon scripture, and seek God.

I was in the kitchen preparing meals and I remember noticing that something was changing in Dack's life, he was spending most of his time with Bro. Ronnie reading the Bible and praying, studying scripture verses from the bible. Right away it seemed Dack's understanding of the scriptures was opened and he had such great faith!

One evening as I was finishing up my final preparation of Dack's special juices that purify and detox for the next day, Bro. Ronnie came in and said, Jeanne, Dack would like you to make him some nice hot tea, so I got the tea kettle going and shortly thereafter, Bro. Ronnie returned to get the tea which I had made just the way Dack liked it. He took the tea and thanked me as he was walking away toward the back door carrying it carefully. This was the day when they would pray to God in Dack's behalf! That evening, I wondered what would take place as I seen them retreat with their Bibles for a special time of prayer for Dack, alone with no interruptions. Just the two of them and God. It was during this prayer time that ... Dack became a born-again Christian, was filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4), and the healing began.

Dack loved his Bible. He took it wherever he went. His favorite verse was Isaiah 54:17 which says, No Weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper. (In fact, he was buried with his bible opened to that particular scripture.) He learned through Bro. Ronnie the scriptures that brought him close to God. The scriptures that showed him that he had been forgiven, cleansed and washed by the blood of Jesus Christ, and scriptures that built his faith in Jesus, the Healer, the Great Physician!

The next day finally came, Dack was changed!! When I saw Dack that morning with Bro. Ronnie and Dack's mom, Bea who had prepared them a hearty breakfast, I could literally "see" a glow radiating from Dack's face, and the smile of Bro. Ronnie. I was amazed!! I hurried and prepared the fresh juices. From that day, the visits from Bro. Ronnie continued often including the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Dack said it was like someone had turned a light back on that had gone out. He had felt his life fading right before him prior to Bro. Ronnie's visit. But now, Dack was back to himself. He had received healing!

One day Dack and I sat down for a conversation as we often did. He said to me, Jeanne, I was lost for a very long time. I always felt part of me was missing since I lost my twin brother Dirk. And now that Bro. Ronnie was brought into my life, to pray together, I feel closer to him as a friend and confidant than anyone I have ever known in my whole life!" He said that it was like his twin brother, Dirk, had come back and that hole he had felt for so many years after Dirk's passing seemed to heal when Bro. Ronnie came into his life!

From that day on, what I witnessed, Dack was healed and born again. His sweet mother, Bea, who was like a mom to me also and Bev his beautiful sister were people I loved so much. They were my family who made me part of their lives. Bro. Ronnie was special because he believed in Dack! ... and on the day that Dack left to go home to be with the Lord, it gave us all peace in our hearts that the Lord was taking good care of him, and that the Lord knew how dearly and deeply we loved him and how we would miss him.

Thank you, Bro. Ronnie. I praise the Lord for you and for the healing that was greatly received, and also for the countless lives and hearts that were touched by Dack's testimony because of your faithfulness to God and your constant love, support, prayer, and encouragement to your best friend in life, (mutually), -Mr. Dack Rambo, --in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

Jeanna Luna
Housekeeper & Caregiver for Actor Dack Rambo

"To Whom It May Concern:

I am presenting this character reference of Dr. Ronnie Pierce feeling both honored and privileged. Honored because there are few people that I hold in as high regard as him and privileged because it may be a long time before I am asked to give another reference for someone as deserving of being uplifted and recognized as he is.

I have known Dr. Ronnie Pierce as a friend for fifteen years; He has been our family Pastor for the last 7 years. As a Pastor, Dr. Ronnie Pierce has provided emotional support during some difficult times, and he consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of him He’s articulate, motivated and totally trustworthy. He has high expectations of himself and at the same time he is willing to accept people as they are with unconditional love for them and for God. I have seen many examples of his devotion to God and his love for people. I believe in the ministry of Dr. Ronnie Pierce.

Pastor Ronnie Pierce has consistently demonstrated his ability to rise to any challenge that he must face in his ministry, his life or any other endeavor.

To conclude, I would like to say that Dr. Ronnie Pierce is a true anointed man of God."


Wanda Parrott
Monterey, TN

"We count it a great honor to write these words as an endorsement to this exciting CD by our brother in Christ. We first met Ronnie Pierce at a social gathering and were impressed at the deep spiritual maturity of this young man. Later we attended a revival he was holding and our spirits rejoiced as he sang and preached under a very special anointing of the Holy Spirit. We are sure that you, too, will receive a blessing, whether you are a believer or not, as you listen to the pure, anointed voice of Ronnie Pierce. Remember that name! We believe God has great things in store for his future as he continues to yield to His guidance. To God Be the Glory!"

Frank & Bernice Parton

If the name Parton sounds familiar as in Dolly Parton, it's no coincidence; it is after all the same family!

"Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to tell you about my brother in Christ, Dr. Ronnie Pierce. I first met Ronnie in a store front church where he was conducting a revival. During this revival, the Lord used him mightily in song, preaching, and Gifts of the Spirit. That night through prayer and laying on of hands I was filled with the Spirit and started down a road of prayer and bible study with my new brother in the Lord. The most amazing thing about this is that Ronnie was only 15 at the time and already sold out to God. From this point we met often for prayer and bible study.

From the start I was amazed at the calls that he was getting from people all over the country. People was somehow finding out that God was speaking to a young man in Love Joy (TN). I love how the Holy Spirit works with Ronnie and I have watched as the Spirit took him from his country home to bible school with Brother Norvel Hayes and then on to Jerry Savelle's school and into a relationship with Brother Kenneth Copeland. God's gifting on Ronnie has taken him all across the country and even outside the country preaching and ministering to the Lord's people. There have been so many miracles take place over the years you could not name them all.

Through all this, Ronnie has stayed true to his roots and continues to move totally in Faith. Now, while Pastoring his own church, Ronnie is bringing some of the greatest teachers back to his hometown while still ministering to the world. Ronnie's heart is totally sold out to God and he is always willing to minister to others without judging but always reaching out. During the time I have worked with him, I have found him to be the very best at 'one on one' ministry. Outside of individual ministry Ronnie continues to be a great speaker and teacher of the Word as well as a great singer. I would say this, if you are interested in following God into the deeper realms, you should listen to my brother. Ronnie has truly lived a life of faith and he continues to do so till this day.

I would say in closing, Ronnie Pierce is truly one of the last-days Lions of God's army.

In Christ Service,"

Rev. Mike Phillips


We are so thankful for the stand our youngest son Ronnie (16), has taken for Jesus Christ. We have seen God work through Ronnie many, many times and we are always blessed as we continue to see it.

Ronnie dedicated himself to God at the very early age of seven. He has continued to live in that dedication.

His great-grandmother, Eliza Lee, prophetically spoke while Ronnie was just an infant telling us that he would one day be a man of God. This has certainly come to pass.

We are very proud of Ronnie and pray that you will receive a blessing as you listen to this, Ronnie's first album."

Ronnie's Parents,
Delbert & JoAnna Pierce

"I’ve known Ronnie Pierce for over eight years. I was introduced to Ronnie during one of the lowest points in my life. His friendship was an extension of the love, and hand– of Jesus in my life. When all my so-called friends ran out on me in my time of trouble, this Man of God ran in with friendship and fellowship I will forever be grateful for!

Many people talk of having the heart of Christ, but my brother Ronnie truly walks in it!"

Deon Saddler

"The inspirational singing of Ronnie warms our hearts and spirits in the Lord."

Hanno & Mildred Schrader

"I'll cut my first album when I'm sixteen," Ronnie Pierce said all of his life. Ronnie is sixteen now, and this is it! This album is but one example of the talent and spiritual dedication of this contemporary performer who spends his full time traveling from Tennessee across the country on speaking and singing engagements. Ronnie is a young man who was called to become a spiritual evangelist very early in his life, and his life is an example of the personal sacrifice and success from following such a callilng. Ronnie's personality reflects the deep spiritual nature which is so special, and this special, self-assured person is an example for all who know him."

Ronnie's teacher and friend,
Janet Storie

"Today, I feel like a champion to be given such an honor to write about one of the most inspiring people in my life. Dr. Ronnie Pierce is a man saturated with the father's love willing to give all of who he is with passion and ambition towards people hungry to hear the gospel of the cross. Dr. Pierce wears the hats of a friend, pastor, evangelist, singer and counselor impassioned to express Grace through a melting pot of ministry. Jesus is clearly the reason he journeys and abides in the promises of the cross as he illuminates in purity of non-judgement towards people in every circumstance.

Dr. Pierce understands and honors the law in its place, but absorbs the beauty of Grace in a much higher dimension pouring out liberty and forgiveness to those who believe in the finished work of the cross. He births a clear message of Grace affirming freedom to all who believe with expressions of the cost our heavenly father took through his son Jesus in order to give his children everything as a gift.

As I continue to articulate through my heart the words to describe such a merciful and passionate man known as Dr. Ronnie Pierce, I call him my friend with no reservation as when I hear his voice and follow his words and learn his heart the only place he desires to be is where he can ultimately dwell in a place with others expressing Jesus through mercy and grace. Him loving others made easy as he adorns his nature with Grace freely given through Jesus' paying the ultimate price.

Dr. Ronnie Pierce truly rests in the favor he has upon him by rejoicing with others, the freedom found in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

In Him -

Laurie Jacobs Waller

"More than 25 years ago I met Ronnie Pierce when he came to my office, an accounting firm, at the recommendation of a client of mine who was also a friend of Ronnie's. He was ready to get Ronnie Pierce Ministries- Incorporated. I had the privilege of accomplishing that for him and I can assure his ministry partners and followers that he is an honest, trustworthy man who is very adament and serious about Kingdom business and the generous donations to his ministry are used as specified. In the 80's when a couple of ministries were in the news regarding the use of funds, new ministries started being audited. I was present for an audit done by the IRS of Ronnie Pierce Ministries, Inc. and the auditor was precise when he commented, "this ministry really is a non-profit organization". He is authentic and generous in his services. Ronnie is a true friend. It's his nature to go above and beyond the call of duty. When Ronnie believes in you, he will stand up for you no matter what others think or assume! He is a friend that will stick closer than a brother."


Robin Watson


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