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Produced by: Terry Tripp & Tre' Corley
Oak Tree Productions, Hendersonville, TN
Graphics: Kim Tripp, Empower Press,

"My friend Ronnie Pierce is an anointed minister of God who can preach a sermon in a song OR a pulpit-- and I believe this project will bless you as much as it did me." -Russ Taff


The Light - Ronnie Pierce & The LaVerne Tripp Family
(Product No. RPM:CD1008

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"I've worked with many pastors, preachers, and artists and I can honestly say Ronnie Pierce is one of the kindest and on pointe men I've ever met! In the first few hours he spoke things to me that I know God had told him to share with me. My family enjoyed getting to know him and his music will bring a level of peace to your home that you will need to get through life itself!" -Tre' Corley

1. We've Got The Power
      (LaVerne Tripp) 3:53
2. I Know
      (LaVerne Tripp) 3:15
3. The Light
      (LaVerne Tripp) 3:23
4. The Church
      (Wayne Walters) 3:33
5. We'll Not Be Defeated
      (LaVerne Tripp) 3:16
6. Free At Last
      (Craig Wolf) 4:27
7. Whisper Mine
      (LaVerne Tripp) 4:17
8. After Calvary
      (LaVerne Tripp) 4:11
9. I Am That I Am
      (Donald R.VerHulst MD) 3:58
10. Wind Beneath My Wings
      (Larry Henley/Jeff Silbar) 4:14


Produced by: Ronnie Pierce, Michael Sykes, & Ron Fairchild
Recorded at: Ron Fairchild Music, Hendersonville, TN

It's A Good Life -
A Tribute To
Kenneth Copeland
(Product No. RPM:CD1007) 

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"It was a defining moment for me as a recording artist when I was introduced to the music ministry of the man who instantly became and would remain my single greatest musical influence of all time, singer and psalmist KENNETH COPELAND."
-Ronnie Pierce

1. It's A Good Life
      (Kris Kristofferson, Buckhorn Music, BMI) 4:20
2. The Way
      (Kenneth Copeland, Darrell Glenn,
      1979 God & Sons Music, SESAC) 3:50
3. Jesus By My Side
      (Carl Vaughan, ASCAP) 2:40
4. I Have Returned
      (Marijohn Wilkin, 1974 Buckhorn Music, BMI) 7:06
5. Jesus, Lord To Me
      (Greg Nelson, Gary McSpadden, 1992 River Oaks Music,
      BMI & Yellow House Music, ASCAP) 3:47


Produced by: Michael Sykes, Michael Sykes Productions

Songs: The Church and There Is A River -
Produced by: Michael Sykes
Recorded at: Michael Sykes Productions, Smyrna, TN
Tonemeister: Steve Allen
All Lead Vocals by Ronnie Pierce, Produced by: Michael Sykes
Recorded at: Michael Sykes Productions, Smyrna, TN

Credits: Musicians/Background Vocalists:
The Church / There Is A River:
John D. Willis - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Gary Prim - Keyboards
Duncan Mullins - Bass Guitar
Steve Brewster - Drums
Michael & Tanya Goodman Sykes - Background Vocals

The Church
(Product No. RPM-CD1006)

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"I would like to dedicate this CD to the memory of my Mother, Mrs. JoAnna Pierce; the lady who led me in the sinner's prayer behind our woodshed when I was seven years old, the woman who gave birth to me on April 2, 1964. Her life, example, encouragement, and constant, consistent faith and support as my Mother, best friend, prayer-partner, and more remains the gift from God I'm most grateful for."
-Ronnie Pierce

1. The Church
      (Wayne Walters) 3:19
2. Stand Still
      (Rebecca Isaacs Bowman, Sonya Isaacs Surrett,
      David Marshall) 2:58
3. There Is A River
      (Max and David Sapp) 5:29 -Duet with Cheryl Looper Dalton-
4. Call On Jesus
      (Nicole C. Mullen, Wordspring Music) 4:32
5. His Life For Mine
      (Rebecca Peck, Thomas Peck Music, BMI) 4:12
6. Redeemer
      (Nicole C. Mullen, Wordspring Music) 4:00
7. The Promise
      (Brian White and Don Polythress, BMG Music Pub) 4:57
8. I Give You My Heart
      (Reuben Morgan, Integrity's Hosanna! Music) 4:19
9. I Then Shall Live
      (Gloria Gaither & Jean Sibelius, 1980 Gaither Music Co.,
      ASCAP) 5:43


Produced by: Marty Funderburk
Engineered by: Jonathan Mitchell
Recorded & Mixed At: Daywind Sky, Studio B
Hendersonville, TN
Mixed by: Jonathan Mitchell

Song: "I AM THAT I AM!" Written by: Dr. Don VerHulst II; Sound Track
Produced by: Johnny Sansom;
Recorded at: Hilltop Studios - Nashville, TN
Johnny Sansom ("The Bishops") - Piano and Keyboards
Doug Grieves - Guitars
Marty Schrabel - Bass Guitar
Rob Tripp ("The Laverne Tripp Family") - Drums
Terry & Barbi Franklin - Background Vocals
All other music by: Daywind Soundtrax

I Am!
(Product No. RPM-CD1005)

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1. Come Just As You Are (4:34)
2. You Are God (3:56)
3. I Am that I Am! (3:58)
4. Come Now Is The Time (4:33)
5. Lord I Lift Your Name On High (3:07)
6. My Hope (5:24)
7. You're Worthy Of My Praise (4:27)
8. Trading My Sorrows (4:40)
9. Give Thanks (3:57)
10. Thank You (4:06)
11. Power of Your Love (4:41)
12. Refiner's Fire (3:58)
13. Send The Fire (4:40)
14. You Are My All In All (3:14)



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